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Soy  Coach Elspeth, un personal trainer de Londres que ahora trabaja en Palma de Mallorca y que se centra en la fuerza y ​​el acondicionamiento. La fortaleza no es solo un beneficio para ayudar a los atletas serios, sino que podría ayudarlo a convertirse en una persona fuerte y más resistente.

Mi metodología requiere un enfoque consciente para comprender tus objetivos y cómo mejorar tu fortaleza y tu forma física puede crear un estilo de vida satisfactorio para ti. Utilizo mi experiencia y conocimiento para guiarlo en el proceso.

Actualmente ofrezco 1-1 entrenamiento personal y entrenamiento grupal para hasta 4 personas de Megasport. Póngase en contacto para reservar una sesión de prueba complementaria para explorar cómo puedo ayudarlo a lograr sus objetivos.

"We are habitual beings, so lets make a postitive change to turn our habits into healthy ones.... and get strong doing it!"
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I'm Coach Elspeth, a personal trainer from London who now works in Palma de Mallorca and focuses on strength and conditioning. Strength is not only a benefit to help serious athletes, but it could help you become a strong and resilient person.

My methodology requires a conscious approach to understand your goals and how to improve your strength and your physical shape can create a satisfying lifestyle for you. I use my experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.

I currently offer 1-1 personal training and group training for up to 4 people from Megasport. Contact me to reserve a complementary session to explore how I can help you achieve your goals.
How can I help you?
Strength is the
fundamental base
to any athlete. 

" Training with Elspeth has been a life changer for me. She helped me achieved so much in only one year. When I started training with her, my goal was to lose weight. Thanks to her training, nutrition advice and monthly plans that she tailored for me, I lost 8 kilos in 3 months. Training was hard but very enjoyable as Elspeth is a good motivational personal trainer. Following that, she encouraged me to run a marathon and trained me for it. It was memorable experience which made me discover what my body could achieve when well trained.
Today, I am a happier person because I am fit, eat better and look amazing! Thanks for being a great coach Elspeth!" 
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