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What kind of people can benefit from strength-based training?
Anyone who is willing to show commitment. I train clients from different environments, from a new gym to serious athletes who want to improve their performance. All I ask is that you go to the sessions and that you are willing to work hard, the rest depends on me.  

What kind of results can I expect?
If you don't already, I will prepare you to enjoy exercise! Previous clients have achieved an improvement in posture, a better physical constitution, better energy levels, a stronger cardiovascular system, more flexible and improved, more resistant, safer, improved athletic performance, lower risk or injury and a more positive attitude towards life. 
How fast I hope to see the results? This really depends on the current level of activity, the frequency with which you train and if it is 1-1 or group training. The less active you are now, the greater the initial improvements, but you will expect to feel more tired after the sessions. If you train alone and more often the plan can be more adapted to your needs, you can achieve more dramatic results over time. However, group training can be fun and is an economical option. In general, you will begin to adapt to any training regimen within approximately 3 weeks.  
What can I expect in a training session?
I offer a combination of  weights, from hypertrophy to strength specific weight training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) depending on your goals. Initially I will evaluate your posture and I will make sure that the correct technique is used in all the exercises. I will motivate you to work hard to achieve rapid progress, but I will never push you beyond your means. 
Do you offer nutritional advice?

Without a doubt, I will provide the necessary support to achieve your goals through nutrition. I will guide you to reach your target weight to help athletes perform and also for their own confidence in looking and feeling good. 

What other benefits will I get through training with coach Elspeth?

I try to promote an active and healthy lifestyle that goes beyond training in the gym. Through experience as a cyclist and runner, I can offer support in these areas by participating in local cycling groups and also by providing plans to make exercise a pleasant part of your life.

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