We believe anyone can build strength and resilience

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Get Strong Performance’s  believes that the community of strength and conditioning should not just be reserved for athletes. Strength forms the base of any beings development and can provide value to life experiences.
Through the process members gain physical and mental resilience, similar to an athlete. Motivation and fulfillment is achieved by programs backed by science and measurable results that lead to personal acknowledgment.  
Community members are the core of the gym, promoting an understanding that everyone has their own strengths and passions within a supportive environment to acknowledge that we are all unique. 

Strength training should not be just reserved for athletes
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Strength is a 
fundamental base
to any being 

"There is more to life than lifting weights in the gym.

The more you can lift in the gym, the more strength you have to explore the world"
"   I am even fitter than when I was 40 and I know I am getting even stronger through powerlifting as it is being measured. I haven’t joined a gym, I haven’t got a personal trainer I‘ve got Coach Elspeth. She’s inspirational, strong disciplined and the best bit is she changes lives. It’s early days for me but I’m feeling inspired to do stuff, achieve, get out there. I’m grateful our paths crossed. Thanks Elspeth x"

Gwyneth Smith, 64