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Mallorca's first boutique performance gym is officially open

Founder Elspeth believe's anyone can build strength and resilience

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  • Experience a 'get strong doing it!' training session in a brand new specialist training facility

  • Explore how being stronger can provide a deeper level of experience to your life

  • Learn how you can feel motivated and enjoy gaining strength and resilience and get the body you deserve on a 'get strong doing it!' program

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"There is more to life than lifting weights in the gym.

The more you can lift in the gym, the more strength you have to explore the world"
Strength training should not be just reserved for athletes
Strength is a 
fundamental base
to any being 

" Training with Elspeth has been a life changer for me. She helped me achieved so much in only one year. When I started training with her, my goal was to lose weight. Thanks to her training, nutrition advice and monthly plans that she tailored for me, I lost 8 kilos in 3 months. Training was hard but very enjoyable as Elspeth is a good motivational personal trainer. Following that, she encouraged me to run a marathon and trained me for it. It was memorable experience which made me discover what my body could achieve when well trained.
Today, I am a happier person because I am fit, eat better and look amazing! Thanks for being a great coach Elspeth!"