Mission Statement

Get Strong Performance’s founder Elspeth Storrar (Coach Elspeth) believes that the community of strength and conditioning should not just be reserved for athletes. Strength forms the base of any beings development and can provide value to life experiences.
Get Strong Performance brings the world's best strength and performance equipment to Mallorca. With an aim provide the environment and adequate support for anyone to develop strength to enjoy movement and for it to not feel like a chore. Member’s goals will be listened to. Goals will be achieved by providing training and support similar to an athlete in that progress is made and recorded. The role of training should be suited to the member’s lifestyles to enhance their life and promote a deeper level of experience.
Through the process members gain physical and mental resilience, similar to an athlete. Motivation and fulfillment is achieved by programs backed by science and measurable results that lead to personal acknowledgment.  
Community members will remain the core of the gym, promoting an understanding that everyone has their own strengths and passions within a supportive environment to acknowledge that we are all unique. 

Strength Training for cyclists


>  L4 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
>  REPS L3 Personal Trainer
>  REPS L2 Gym Instructor 
>  L1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
>  Advanced Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition​
>  Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Personal Achievements
​>  Completed Mallorca312 in 12hrs49mins in 2018
>  Represented GB in UCI Road Cycling Amateur World Championships 2015
>  3hrs10 in London Marathon 2013