...after 3 months of training

​​ My initial goals when starting personal training were to lose 10 kilos in 3 months, eat better and get fit as I had reached a point when I realised I could not do it by myself and needed help. I started noticing the results after the first week as I had already lost my first kilo. I was very pleased and although the training was hard this kept me going. After 3 weeks the loss of weight was already visible. My biggest achievements are that I have lost 7 kilos since I started training 2 months and half ago, I have a fit body and most of all I am very proud of the quick achievement. All training sessions are hard but having Elspeth as a personal trainer is a must as it helps you go beyond your limits and gain more resistance and of course a nicer body.    

The results have impacted my life at all levels and I am proud of having inspired my colleagues, friends and family. I feel better in my body as I eat better thanks to the nutrition advice received as part of the training. Given that I eat better, I have more energy to train. I feel more confident with fit body and nicer skin. It makes me laugh when I am being asked if I am an athlete. I have gained resistance so I run longer and faster and sleep better at night. In a word, I am happier with my new life style, I love running and I am getting faster in 5km every week. I am sure that everybody would have made the same choice if they only knew all the benefits of it.

My next goal is to run a marathon and raise money for a charitable cause, something I would have never thought possible a few months ago!

Obi Winter - Track Cyclist 

​Four weeks on from a speculative entry, possibly after drinking too much alcohol, I find myself 11 days away from competing at the 2017 HSBC British National Track Championships. Feeling massively under prepared, but also knowing that I have been putting in some great recent training sessions with Elspeth, I am excited to go and compete in front of a record crowd of 10,000 fans. It will be a great experience to be track centre with Olympic champions, let alone race against them. I will be taking part in the Keirin and the Match Sprint. Three years on from first riding a bike (semi) competitively I can’t wait for what will undoubtably be the highlight of my cycling. Without the focused, technical and motivating input of Elspeth I wouldn't be half as ready, and I probably wouldn't have felt confident enough to submit an entry. Elspeth has inspired and challenged me in every training session and her knowledge and commitment have helped me get closer to my goals.

Rebekah Billingsley

Elspeth is an amazing coach.I picked her becasue she is also a runner and understands the limitations of focusing on satmina and one type of exercise. She practices what she preaches without being evangenical and approaches programs on a completely individual basis. She's meticulously organised and prepares; tough but fair. She is creative and makes every session as hard as it could be but fun to. Warrier queen by name, warrior queen by nature.

Henry Lee

What an amazing coach!!
I have just finished my first set of sessions (approx 12 weeks) with Coach Elspeth and can't speak highly enough of her. I was returning to training after a serious back/spinal injury but Elspeth tailored a brilliant programme for me to follow that let me strengthen weak areas and build on my existing abilities. I am now so much fitter and stronger than when I started, and have learnt so much technique from her. I can't recommend her highly enough. I'll be back ahead of some middle distance runs I'm planning later in the year! Thanks so much!!! ​​

Shai Katti

Excellent PT sessions, always pushes yourself each time and makes it fun! highly recommend!